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12 February, 2018
Podziel się ze Światem!

Why is the cooperation with us beneficial? Here’s why:

  1. Our Product, Graften One, is one of the most sophisticated and precise FFF (FDM) 3D printers on the market. Customers value its elegant shape, precision, and price, but above all the unique and innovative features (more below).  
  2. We have very high margins (even up to 50% for some elements)
  3. Our full support for the Resellers’ Network:

– Distribution of the training materials and educational content

– Information about the cooperation on our website, social media and blog, as well as during public presentations.

– Promotional campaigns on social media websites, news aggregators, and forums  

  1. The absolutely one of a kind way of promoting our printer in the automotive industry. We have our racing team performing competitively during the biggest Polish and European races. Our motorcycle uses parts which are 3D printed, and we present both the printing process and the performance statistics (which are, in a few cases better than in the case of the original parts!) during every event and trade fair. More on facebook.com/graften.motorsport
  2. Participation in the contest for the General Distributor (and also for the local one) who will replace Graften in the distribution of its products in the particular area, and will supervise the smaller distributors.
  3. Transparent principles and rules of the pricing policy which support Resellers’ activity:

– Our Resellers always have the right to grant a small discount for printers. It will not be available at graften.com website/shop (with the exclusion of cooperative periodic promotional offers).

– The strategy of “suggested retail prices” which aim is to maintain a healthy competition. 

why us

More about Graften One


Graften One is a professional and modern 3-D printer which was invented by passionates who had put into it their years of experience in the 3-D printing branch. Its key features are:

– The possibility to choose the number of printheads (one or two), which offers more opportunities, like printing with two different filaments, in different colours, and, for more advanced users, to print two separate parts at once;

– Unique and user-friendly control interface installed in a cloud storage of the printer (it is triggered through WiFi as a web program);

– High-end and ready to use 7” tablet with every printer;

– Command and control through WiFi, USB, LAN, MICRO SD;

– Vast and universal workspace, up to 205x180x200 mm ( M1 configuration);

– Amazing durability that lets the printer work smoothly and without malfunctions for thousands of hours if used as intended

– Modern appearance and compact size. This is a 3D printer you can put on the display!

graften m1

Graften One is a perfect device to set-up a 3-D printers’ farm. The stable, metal construction of the cover provides an excellent durability, and its built allows the user to stack the printers on top of each other (creating the 3D Print Module System) without the need to use any shelves or stands.

The flagship printer of Olsztyn company was designed to cooperate in the future with peripherals which will provide functionalities such as expanding a workspace, or automatic prints removal from the workspace.


Orders for printers are realised in 2-3 weekdays.

If you are interested in cooperation, contact us to, and we will send the details.

Call us: +48 604977871 or write to thomas@graften.com






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Podziel się ze Światem!

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