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Graften.com – launches a program for resellers on international markets

       Graften.com – manufacturer of profesional 3D printers: “Grafte One” and industrial, large-size: “Graften SizeMe” launches a pilot program for […]

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Why you must have – Graften One 3D printer

We invite you to a series of short films introducing key advantages of our flagship.  You will see functionalities on them thanks […]

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Leg prosthesis printed on Graften One 3D printer

Today, no one is surprised by the presence of 3D printing in everyday life. This technology has been adopted in most […]

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How we printed the 3D electric guitar

Puzzle is an interesting and inspiring idea on how to print items larger than the printer’s working area. We invite you to a short […]

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Anatomical bone models printed in 3D

Anatomical bone models printed in 3D based on a computer tomograph or leg prosthesis from a Graften One 3D printer      […]

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Graften.com has already started the partnership programme for Resellers of its 3D printers from the UK.

 Graften One 3D Printer Moves to the UK Market! The potential of this project was noticed by the world’s largest 3Dprint.com thematic […]

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– the first Polish team using 3D printing in their motorcycles     Graften 3D Racing Team is a project connecting […]

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