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Anatomical bone models printed in 3D

23 October, 2018
Podziel się ze Światem!

Anatomical bone models printed in 3D based on a computer tomograph or leg prosthesis from a Graften One 3D printer


ortobiegli graften drukarki 3d 3

On the special invitation of the Adamed Group on 9 and 10 June 2018, we hosted at a prestigious conference for over 300 orthopedic doctors – Ortobiegli 2018. On the spot, of course, we presented our 3D printers: Graften One and the possibilities of using them in the work of orthopedic doctors. Guests could see how anatomical bone models based on a computer tomograph are printed. As it turned out during the interviews, many doctors were not only fascinated by the possibilities of additive manufacturing technology, but also plan to implement this method in the near future to support their patients’ treatment. But the biggest surprise for them was the cost of the prosthesis print because it is several dozen times lower than the classical methods. The medical branch is one of those that gaining a lot on the development of 3D printing. The two-day event took place in the charming Łochów Palace, located about 70 kilometers from Warsaw.


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Podziel się ze Światem!

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