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Graften.com has already started the partnership programme for Resellers of its 3D printers from the UK.

6 December, 2017
Podziel się ze Światem!

 Graften One 3D Printer Moves to the UK Market! The potential of this project was noticed by the world’s largest 3Dprint.com thematic portal, which informed the entire industry about it a few days ago.



            Graften.com is a producer of  professional 3D printers who after the successful debut on the Polish market have started an expansion on the British market.



            In Poland the Graften One printer had its premie in June 2017 during the European Championship in motorcycle racing – this event was specially choosen. The Graften Motorsport Team (whose member is the owner of the company – Daniel Mańkowski) uses a 3D printing technology to construct its motorcycles.



The flagship printer uses FDM/FFF technology and has one or two printing heads, depending on the chosen configuration (M1 or M2). The printer has a maximum workspace for M1- 20,5 x 18 x 20 cm. It also uses a 7’’ tablet which is a part of the set. There is also the possibility to work remotely using WiFi, USB, LAN or microSD. The device is operated by the web application which provides the opportunity using a smartphone, tablet or computer to operate the printer (any pre-installed additional software or driver isn’t necessary). As the producer says – Graften One is an ideal module to create a 3D printers farm. The stable construction of the cover provides not only great rigidity but also a possibility to build devices into 3D Print Module Systems (there is no need to use additional shelves or stands). Moreover, the printer was designed to cooperate in the future with peripherals which will provide functions such as expanding a workspace, or automatic printout removal  from the workspace.



            The 3D printers of this Polish manufacturer are used in the service, education, and industry sectors.

Here, Graften announce that it has started the partnership programme for retailers of its products on the UK market. This programme is characterised by many interesting points. It is based on the following key points:

  • High margins, which can approach even up to 50%;
  • Supporting retailers through unique and original marketing (the educational content, case study of original implementations, sports marketing – own racing team, events, trade fairs, etc.);
  • Participation in the contest of the General Distributor (and also for the local one) who will replace Graften in the distribution of its products;
  • Transparent principles and rules of the pricing policy which support Retailer’s activity:
  • Retailers always have the right to grant a small discount for printers. This will not be available for the final customer at graften.com shop (excluding cooperative periodic promotional offers);
  • The strategy of “recommended retail prices” whose aim is to maintain healthy competition on the market.



3D printers are usually shipped within two workdays after the day of ordering.

Prices of 3D printers:  M1- 1250,00 GBP + VAT                M2 – 1660,00 GBP + VAT

Companies  who are interested in cooperation can contact us using our e-mail address:

Warren +48 608 415 475



 Full specification(.pdf)

Podziel się ze Światem!

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