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Graften.com – launches a program for resellers on international markets

22 January, 2019

     Graften.com – manufacturer of profesional 3D printers: “Grafte One” and industrial, large-size: “Graften SizeMe” launches a pilot program for resellers on international markets.


    Graften.com is known and appreciated in Poland as a supplier of reliable 3D printing systems. Printers from this manufacturer also goes to the western Europe market. The currently company looking for business partners from around the world.


      The potential of this project has been noticed many times by numerous national and international media.

     In the first year of its activity, Graften won II place in the plebiscite for The Best Polish Companies in the 3D printing industry.”

     In Poland, the Graften One printer had its premiere in June 2017 during the European Championship in motorcycle racing – this event was specially chosen. The Graften Motorsport Team (whose member is the co-founder of the company – Daniel Mańkowski) uses a 3D printing technology to construct its motorcycles. It is probably the first team in the world that used FDM 3D printing technology to build motorcycles for professional races.

     The flagship printer Graften One has one or two printing heads, depending on the chosen configuration (M1 or M2). As an additional option, the printhead can be heated up to 400°C and the table up to 250°C.  Maximum workspace M1 version is – 20,5 x 18 x 20 cm. It also uses a 7’’ tablet which is a part of the set. There is also the possibility to work remotely using WiFi, USB, LAN or microSD. The device is operated by the web application which provides the opportunity using a smartphone, tablet or computer to operate the printer (any pre-installed additional software or driver isn’t necessary). To ensure reliable performance at the highest level, Graften One has been equipped with a 32-bit motherboard, 1GB RAM, 1.4 GHz quad-core processor, 8GB memory, controlers and smoothers package, etc.


     As the producer says – Graften One is an ideal module to create a 3D printers farm. The stable construction of the cover provides not only great rigidity but also a possibility to build devices into 3D Print Module Systems (there is no need to use additional shelves or stands). 

    Moreover, the printer was designed to cooperate in the future with peripherals which will provide functions such as expanding a workspace, or automatic printout removal  from the workspace.

     The printer works perfectly with all materials available on the market: ABS, PLA, PET, NYLON, PVA, TPU, HIPS, PU and various other composites. The two heads provide the possibility of using not only support material but also the connection of various materials such as TPU flex with rigid PLA, ABS with HIPS and many other combinations. What’s unusual: the M2 model gives you the option of synchronous printing of two identical models at the same time.


    Another device: Graften SizeMe are industrial machines made to individual customer’s order. The maximum working area is 1200x1200x1800mm. The standard includes a camera, a filament sensor, the ability to return to print after a power outage, a zone heated table, etc. There are plenty of additional options: synchronous heads, closed and heated chamber, double head, Hepa filter, etc. Price for maximum work-area 13 500, 00 EUR net.


   The 3D printers of this Polish manufacturer are used by scientists of a university, professional racing teams, in the service, education, industry sectors and and many others.


     Here, Graften announce that it has started the partnership programme for retailers of its products on the whole world market. This programme is characterised by many interesting points.

• High reseller margin;

• Supporting Resellers through unique and original marketing (the educational content, case study of original implementations, sports marketing – own racing team, events, trade fairs, etc.);

• Transparent principles and rules of the pricing policy which support Resellers activity.


3D printers are usually shipped within two workdays after the day of ordering.

Prices of 3D printers:  

Graften One M1 – 1390,00 EUR + VAT
Graften One M2 – 1860,00 EUR + VAT
Graften SizeMe  – 13 500,00 EUR + VAT
(working area 1200x1200x1800mm)


Companies  who are interested in cooperation can contact us using our e-mail address:

Daniel +48 604 977 871



Full specification Graften One(.pdf)

Full specification Graften SizeMe(.pdf)




Are you ready? So we invite you to our world full of passion, adrenaline and adventure!





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