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How to exchange the filament?

22 January, 2018


Remember! Always heat the printhead to the working temperature before removing the material.


Filament exchange procedure:

  1. Plug the device into a power source, then connect with the printer and from the program menu heat the printhead to the correct temperature,
  2. Wait for the head to reach the desired temperature,
  3. Make sure that the printing bed is at least 2cm from the printhead. This will allow the filament to be freely extruded,
  4. Remove the filament from the extruder. To do this, press the filament clamping lever to release the filament’s pressure against the knurled wheel. Then grasp the filament and pull it out of the extruder with a determined, fast motion,
  5. Remove the reel from the holder on the back of the printer, then attach and install a new reel,
  6. Straighten the end of the filament at a distance of about 5cm and cut the tip at a sharp angle. This will make it easier to load the filter into the extruder,
  7. Flick the lever pressing the filament and insert the filament into the head until it starts to flow out of the nozzle,
  8. Then use the program to extrude the filament until you receive an even color of the new one. In the next step, set the appropriate head temperature for the new material.

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