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A successful debut in the Alpe Adria Europe Cup

31 May, 2017
Podziel się ze Światem!



Last weekend in Poznan, the European AAC Cup and the Polish Championships took place. His promising debut at the Superstock 1000 was scored by Graften Motorsport – Daniel Mańkowski. This is a historic event for the Olsztyn team, as it was combined with the launch of the long awaited flagship 3D printer, Graften One.





    For both racing series this was the first round of the 2017 season. The competition aroused great interest of the media and fans, as the cream of the outstanding and hellish drivers from all over Europe came to the race track. Among the players were many famous names from different cycles of the World Championship and even the Grand Prix. Team Graften Motorsport has staged its SuperStreet 1000 SuperStorm champion. This category has finally turned out to be faster. The Superbike SuperSike won 14 laps in less than the Superbike winner. Paradoxically, Superstock motorcycles have very limited modifications and modifications unlike the others.


Daniel qualified for the Friday race with 15 starting points at the 32 competitors of the combined Alpe Adria Cup and WMMP. After a fierce battle with rivals at the finish, he checked out slightly outside the scoring AAC zone, but in the Polish Superstock 1000 championship was ranked 7th. In the second race, Mańkowski made his way out of the 16th, ahead of the talented, current Vice-Champion of Poland. After another fierce duel, he again missed the European Cup, but came to the finish with a valuable 8 points for 8th place in the Polish Championship.



Here is what the player himself has to say about the past race weekend:


    I am extremely happy and very happy to be able to present myself at the Poznan facility. I mean both sports competition and presentation of our flagship: Graften One. Interest in our innovative printer and innovative motorsport solutions has exceeded our expectations. It seems that we are the first company that implements incremental technologies in Polish races on such scale. We offer a completely new approach to the preparation of racing bikes and more, because with our printers every competitor gains benefits:
– immediate access to very cheap parts (many times cheaper than those obtained by traditional means);
– the ability to easily customize the parts and customize them;
– no need to store spare parts, because if you need to use it can simply print them.
Parts can be printed from a variety of very durable materials. In addition to the sale of printers, we also offer 3D design / modeling services. For our customers we also prepare a free 3D design of racing parts for popular motorcycles.
For more information, please visit our new website www.graften.com.


Returning to the race itself, I must start with the fact that this year’s preparations for the season were not easy for us. Powerful event on the Slovakiaring or long wait for the sport suspension, which is still not properly tuned. It made us still unable to show our full potential in races. Still, we succeeded in accomplishing our goals in the past round. Participation in both races has brought a lot of satisfaction. In the first race, after a unsuccessful start, I lost 24th in the first race, but thanks to great determination and uncompromising battle, I made up my losses to finish the 7th in the Polish Championship (unfortunately, just outside the AAC scoring zone). Until Saturday’s race I started from the 16th, ahead of the talented Vice-Champion of Poland Wojtek Wróbel. After a few fierce duels with rivals to the finish I reached again from the first points in the European Cup, but on the solid 8th place of the Polish Championship.

  The past competitions have shown us how far we have come and how great potential in the future is. As a team we have proven that we have a lot of experience and our own working methods that keep us progressing, climbing up and developing.

 I thank the whole team for invaluable help without which I could not do it myself. I am grateful to all who support me and believe in me. Thanks to you I do not lose motivation and energy to act. Thanks a lot!





Reliably since the previous season POWER ADDED US:

www.centrumdruku3d.pl – 3D Printing Center – the largest 3D printing portal in Poland
www.graften.com – manufacturer of innovative 3D printers – Graften One
www.bmw-motorrad.pl – BMW

Podziel się ze Światem!

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