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What to do if the filament does not flow out of the nozzle (it’s blocked up)?

22 January, 2018

If you notice that there is no outflow of the material from the printhead during the printing or manual material extrusion:

  • Check whether the extruder motor is running (whether the motor shaft rotates),
  • Check whether the Knurled Wheel does not slip over the filament. The symptoms are the lack of movement of the filament towards the nozzle and the collection of material by the wheel.

Proceeding in case of the filament being blocked in the extruder:

  1. Cancel the current printout or manual embossing of the filament,
  2. Remove the filament from the extruder. To do this, press the filament clamping lever to release the filament’s pressure against the knurled wheel. Then grasp the filament and pull it out of the extruder with a determined, fast motion.|

    Caution! The printhead should be at a temperature suitable for melting the respective filament.
  3. Then, clean the knurled wheel of the collected material. Remove the material from between the teeth until it is completely cleaned,
  4. Cut off about 5cm of the filament that was removed from the extruder.
  5. If during extrusion of several centimeters of filament the material has been blocked again, most likely the head’s nozzle has been clogged (the contamination from the outside into the centre of the nozzle). If this type of malfunction occurs, contact service.

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