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Why the print does not stick to the bed?

22 January, 2018

Possible reasons:

  • The working platform temperature is wrong: 55-65C for PLA, 90-110C for ABS,
  • The filament used is of low quality,
  • The filament used is moist (has to be dried). Drying methods: incubator, an oven heated up to max. 55C (131F) for about an hour, or on the printing bed heated to temp. 55C for 2-3 hours
    Caution: Do not dry the filament on heat sources such as radiators!
  • The nozzle height does not match the printing bed,
  • In order to improve the adhesion of the printed objects to the working platform, additional coatings can be applied on the working table, i. e.: blue painter’s tape, kapton tape, vinyl pads, Hegron spray gel, Dimafix spray. We recommend that you contact our technical department before use,
  • When printing detailed models that are small and/or large, it is recommended to print at a lower speed,
  • Printing while the head’s temperature is too low may cause the layers of the model to not stick to each other, the gaps may appear,
  • Printing while the head’s temperature is too high can cause thermal distortion of the printed object.

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